Canning Update

Number of Can Deliveries

I currently have 10 more can deliveries planned before the end of the year. Tentative dates include July 23rd, August 6th, September 17th and every 2 weeks after that until the end of the year.

Number of Six-Packs

For most can deliveries, I will put a limit of 10 people receiving six packs.  I hope to have this split 5 mailouts and 5 local but it won’t always work out that way.

Can Options & Limits

Most of the cannings will give you the option of at least 4 different beers.  Two of the beers will be from the most fresh batches that were recently canned.  In most cases the limit will be three on those beers. The other two will be from the previous batches.  Most of those will have limits of one.

The goal is get the beer out to everyone as fresh as possible but I put limits to make sure more people get a chance to try it and to try and keep several options for each canning.  Beers like the kettle sours and IPAs, I will try to get most of them out to people with that first canning to make sure it’s at the highest quality.

Limit Exceptions

Each survey will have a spot at the end to put additional comments.  If you’d like more of certain beer, include that request and I’ll see what I can do.  Likewise if you would like an extra to share with someone else, bring to bottle share or send out to someone you are trading with, I’ll take that into consideration as well.

Reserve Future Can Releases

For certain cannings I will allow you to pick beers from the next can releases to add to the current six-pack.  This will allow you to get the higher limit of the current release and also get some of the next. Your six-pack will get shipped out once the future releases are canned.

Beer Styles and Selections

I will be doing a variety of styles but there will be a few that I focus more on – specifically IPAs, Sours, Stouts/Porters and Asian Inspired beers.  Starting in September I will have a focus where I explore different types of IPAs from classic styles like West Coast and Pale Ales to newer styles like NEIPA, Brett IPA and Brut IPA.  As the weather changes I will move into darker beers like Browns, Stouts and Porters.

Paid Vs. Unpaid and Priority

By far the biggest question I had was this part.  Most of you have donated to help me get this far and as a result you are guaranteed a certain amount of six-packs.  For most this is 2 but it can vary from 1 to 4. These are the ones you are guaranteed.

Many of you will get more than the guaranteed amount of six-packs.  The additional ones will be considered ‘unpaid’. Rather than make you use all your paid six-packs right away, I give you the option to prioritize your request for cans.

-High Priority: Use One Paid Entry

-Medium Priority: Might Use Paid Entry

-Low Priority: Only If Unpaid

Medium priority is it sort of ‘check with me’ option.  If I’m able give out some unpaid six-packs, I will give you the first chance.  I do anticipate giving out some unpaid entries most of the time. Hopefully this makes it a little clearer.

Going Forward – Phase 2

When I initially started this project, I said that the initial stage would be a year.  The initial stage would be paying back everyone that helped me get the equipment. I decided to be a little more aggressive and send cans out more frequently and I hope to have phase 1 finished by the end of 2018 meaning that I’ve gotten everyone their cans and hopefully more.

Phase 2 will be a little less aggressive and structured.  I will switch to 16 oz cans instead of the 12 oz cans I’m currently using.  For locals, there will be no additional charges. For out-of-towners, I will just ask that you pay for the postage which will be $10 in most cases.  I will cover all other costs.

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