Canning Contributions

Now is the time to contribute to help me start canning and exchange, get to try some of my homebrew and help me get even better.  Here’s a breakdown of the contribution levels:

Local Investors

  • $25.00 – One Six-Pack in First Year
  • $30.00 – Two Six-Packs in First Year

Out-of-Town Investors

  • $30.00 – One Six-Pack Delivered in First Year
  • $35.00 – Two Six-Packs Delivered in First Year


If you’d like to buy a double membership (4 six packs) – double the amount and take $10 off.  That would be $50 for local and $60 for out-of-town.  If you’d like to contribute any above and beyond to help me out, that is greatly appreciated.

I am asking that you contribute via PayPal.  My email address is  Be sure when you send it to say that you are ‘sending money to a friend’ which will avoid fees.  In the message, please put your name.  If I don’t personally know you, please let me know your Instagram handle or Facebook name.  I don’t mind if I don’t know you.  In fact, I encourage it because it will help me get a well rounded and perhaps more honest review of my beers.

If you can’t or don’t want to use PayPal, contact me and we will figure out another way to arrange for payment to be made.

After i get your contribution, I will try to contact you one way or another via text, email or IM to let you know that I received it.  In the near future I will be creating a Facebook group for those who contribute.  That’s where I will post updates about which beers I’m brewing, what’s getting canned and how to choose your beers.  If you’re not on Facebook, I’ll make other arrangements to make sure that you get all the updates.

Thank you all for your help and I hope to be sharing my canned beer with you very soon!

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